“The Miracle Worker” is an American film classic. But, it’s also an actor’s movie. William Gibson adapts his play into film form, while Arthur Penn keeps the focus on Bancroft and Duke. While both women eventually won Oscars for their roles, revisiting the film showcases how tiny it was. There’s a reason why it’s not remember alongside the grandiose movies that arrived in 1962. Hell, it’s theater nature was recently profiled on the FX TV show “Duel”.

But, that’s not what matters. What matters is watching two women hold the scene and focus so sharply in early 60s American cinema. I love that Olive is doing their best to get these classic films to Blu-ray. When the major studios let their due diligence slide, then my heart belongs to these smaller houses that are taking care of our shared cinematic history. Plus, this movie pissed off Joan Crawford. It’s a win-win of a motion picture.


  • Nothing


  • 1.66:1 1080p transfer
  • MONO

RELEASE DATE: 10/31/17

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