Anne Bancroft

  • Fatso [Review] 1

    Fatso [Review]

    Fatso is one of those movies that perpetually falls into obscurity among new generations of movie fans. Standing as Anne Bancroft’s sole feature directing effort, you would figure that new audiences would find it impressive, yet they don’t. As the years moved on, a film about fat acceptance and...
  • The Prisoner of Second Avenue 4

    The Prisoner of Second Avenue

    The Prisoner of Second Avenue could be restaged in the modern era. A middle aged man gets laid off during an economic recession while his major metro area goes to Hell. You get home invasions, garbage strikes and marital strife in a film that is supposed to be a...
  • MIRACLE WORKER, THE (1962) 7


    THE MIRACLE WORKER REVIEWED “The Miracle Worker” is an American film classic. But, it’s also an actor’s movie. William Gibson adapts his play into film form, while Arthur Penn keeps the focus on Bancroft and Duke. While both women eventually won Oscars for their roles, revisiting the film showcases...