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March 2021 DVD New Releases [Reviews]

Mafia Inc gets covered for a second time in March 2021. I’m not sure if there was anything new to learn about the real 90s criminal exploits of the Montreal mafia. While watching Mafia Inc again on DVD, something stuck out to me. I love the way that PODZ directs.

March 2021 DVD New Releases [Reviews] 1

It feels super 80s European crime cinema to me, while also having modern flash. The DVD comes with no special features which sucks. But, it was a fun way to kick off March 2021. I just hope more people give the film a shot.

Mafia Inc arrives on DVD from Film Movement on March 9th

March 2021 DVD New Releases [Reviews] 3

Yalda: A Night for Forgiveness continues my mid-week March 2021 DVD dive. I know that breaking into World Cinema recent highlights isn’t big for people streaming superhero grief sessions. But, take the time to watch a real legal drama about a woman defying her religion and country’s strict orders.

Watching a woman beg her husband’s daughter for forgiveness is interesting. Making it where her life depends on the daughter’s response is next level. I dig what they’re laying down here, however the ending didn’t really satisfy me.

Yalda comes with a bonus short film out of Iran. But, that’s it for the special features. The A/V Quality is rather sharp for an indie slice of world cinema.

Yalda: A Night for Forgiveness arrives on DVD from Film Movement on March 9th

Sherlock Holmes and The Great Escape is the latest release from Shout Kids. What follows are more animals playing out the Sherlock Holmes story, while adding their own flavor. The anime influence is strong, but honestly nothing gets added to the story.

Did it pass the kid test? She made it through one screening of the film, but just barely.

The special features comes with no special features. Honestly, that’s becoming quite the common thing for these March 2021 DVDs. The A/V Quality is typical for a foreign animated film adapted for English language markets. Oh well, I still would’ve liked a few special features.

Sherlock Holmes and The Great Escape arrives on DVD from Shout Factory on March 23rd

This wraps our first round of March 2021 DVD titles.

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March 2021 DVD New Releases [Reviews]


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