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The Most Astounding in February 2021 streaming [Reviews]

The most astounding content in February 2021 streaming is here. Due to sheer glut of material on the Internet, AndersonVision is going to weed through the garbage and find the things that warrant your attention. We might not always like them or agree with you. But, we feel these titles are well worth checking out at least once.

The Night

The Most Astounding in February 2021 streaming [Reviews] 1

The Night is the kind of movie that used to floor me about a decade ago. February 2021 streaming choices starts with a killer film about foreign born individuals trying to flee terror in LA at night. IFC manages to hit upon something with a modern horror tale about marriages being challenged.

I will inevitably return to a long piece about this film, I just need more to have my thoughts about it.

The Vigil

vigil poster february 2021 streaming

The Vigil is another stunning IFC Midnight movie that snuck up on me during my February 2021 streaming period. Jewish Horror is big among fans of classic horror. However, it rarely gets pulled up to the service of recent horror. It’s kinda hard to scare kids when you ask them to look at the nature of the human experience.

Watching the lead go off the righteous path of his religion is stunning. IFC keeps mining the right kind of material for stunning streaming options.

A Ghost Waits

The Most Astounding in February 2021 streaming [Reviews] 4

A Ghost Waits is the first film I’ve seen from Adam Stovall. While I don’t dig all of the cinematography choices, this might be one of my favorite February 2021 Streaming options. Ghost stories are a personal favorite, but recent horror has gone out of its way to additional bullshit to the narrative. A Ghost Waits has a simple conceit that is easy to get behind.

A ghost just wants intruders to leave their house alone. Not breaking the attention span bank, A Ghost Waits plays it fast and direct. I miss the time when such narrative frugality wasn’t a rarity. If you can connect with an audience and get it out in under 100 minutes, do it every single time.

What makes the tale of Jack and Muriel work so well is that I buy their relationship outside of the supernatural implications. You want to see these guys work out their situation and be together. Honestly, it’s a little romantic.

Mafia Inc

Mafia Inc brings us the mafia goodness out of Canada. I watch a ton of movies like this in a given year. But, I chose this one for a February 2021 streaming highlight because it goes deep and hard at the audience. While parts of it feel very generic, it knows how to dial up the violence when needed. Truly enjoyed it.

Dead Air

aarp movie news dead air poster streaming February 2021

Dead Air is the kind of movie I would have loved more when I was 12/13. It’s that point in your life when you really get into things like The Twilight Zone with their hour long drama twists. This film follows a setup sort of similar to Frequency.

Basically, a guy in the present is trying to make sense of a past drama via a radio. The ending is obvious if you’re paying attention. But, does it matter? Out of all the February 2021 streaming options, this is the one that felt the most traditional yet intriguing to me.


The Most Astounding in February 2021 streaming [Reviews] 7

Crestone is a documentary or is it? Out of all the February 2021 streaming films, this was the one that bothered my brain the most. These make soundcloud rap, smoke weed and generally hang. But, what about this movie doesn’t register as real? I spent about 90 minutes trying to piece it together. Yet, I remained confused.


Faceless is a terrifying horror movie about a guy waking up with a new face. Spinning out of that terrifying tale is the horror of trying to make sense of something ala Seconds. Seconds was about this sort of thing, right? Why did I keep thinking of Seconds when watching this February 2021 streaming choice?


Collective is a horrifying documentary. Naturally, it had to be one of my February 2021 streaming picks. What follows is real journalism, as a team of Bucharest journalists hold their government accountable for the terrible fire at the heart of this story. It’s kind of shocking to see the Romanian press do a better job of holding their government accountable than anything in America in the past decade.

But, that’s the nature of where we are now.

Long Live Rock

Long Live Rock is one of my favorite things to see every few months. A stunning documentary about music from Abramorama. Honestly, we’re at a point where it would be safe to bet that we’re covering 4 or 5 of their releases every year. There is something about the way they stage interviews and long form pieces that just capture my attention.

If you dig that sort of thing too, check it out.

Woman in Motion

Woman in Motion is a look at the fascinating life of Nichelle Nichols. After Star Trek went off the air, she was recruited to help NASA bring diversity to the stars. What follows in the film is a look at Nichols life on Trek, how the Civil Rights movement reach out to here and what she did immediately following her time on the show.

The story has been told before on Drunk History of all places. But, it’s fun to have a serious look at Nichols’ life after TOS and before dealing V’Ger. Stunning release from Shout Factory.

Tomato Red: Blood Money

Tomato Red: Blood Money isn’t going to satiate your Ozark withdrawal. However, this February 2021 streaming option is the latest Indican release we’re covering. Honestly, I hung with it as long as I did because I enjoy Julia Garner that much. The film isn’t bad or great. It’s just yet another long drawn out average crime tale from a few years ago.

Tell Me Your Secrets

Tell Me Your Secrets is why I love Lily Rabe. The actress has been around for a bit, but was relegated to being part of the Ryan Murphy company of actors. Now, she’s busting out into deep adult material that doesn’t quite gel with a lot of Amazon original content.

Seemingly set up as a series, Tell Me Your Secrets is about what happens when horrible tragedy takes place and you can’t figure out your role in it. Brenneman, Linklater and Rabe all play off each other as three figures trying to figure out their role in some horrible sex crimes.

At times, the stuff with Rabe’s psychiatrist can feel early 90s adult thriller. But, Tell Me Your Secrets corrects back with grace to be one of my favorite February 2021 streaming picks.

Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers

Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers is an IMDBtv Original Series that I dug. Following a high school basketball team outside of LA, we get to see as this dream team of High School ballers end up becoming the stars of tomorrow.

I recognize BJ Boston, as he put together a sick senior year mixtape that you can still watch on YouTube. However, he’s a featured talent on the worst Kentucky basketball team since World War I. While he’ll bounce out of Lexington and into the NBA before the year is out, it’s interesting to see where the talent started.

I’d recommend checking out this February 2021 streaming option.

All of these titles are currently or about to start streaming in February 2021. February 2021 Streaming site marked off in each capsule review.

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The Most Astounding in February 2021 streaming [Reviews]


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