“The Exotic Dances of Bettie Page” is a multi-chaptered look at the highlights of Page’s career. While the film was originally released in 1991, this offering gives some new background due to Page’s second wind before her death in 2008. Somewhere between the biopics, the ‘Zine revivals of the 1990s and that weird girl cutting your hair, it’s hard to imagine a world where Page’s influence hasn’t changed the world. Being a fan that actually saw her in TN before her death, it’s hard to reconcile a sweet older lady with this Titan of 50s sexuality.

When you watch these short stag reels and read her words, it reveals something amazing. Page was a liberated, yet very religious young woman. She was a naturalist before it was truly realized as something other than the subject of Nudist magazines. The attempts by later generations to repackage her seems rather disingenuous. But, what can you do? It’s not like she was the first woman to have her image taken away. Klaw does stunning work with the material here and I highly recommend it to all.


  • 8mm films in HD
  • HD Video photo gallery
  • Q&A
  • Silver Print


  • 1.33:1 1080p transfer
  • Dolby 2.0


  • 89%
    Video - 89%
  • 86%
    Audio - 86%
  • 92%
    Supplemental Material - 92%
  • 90%
    Film Score - 90%

The Plot Thus Far

Cult Epics presents its 25th Anniversary release THE EXOTIC DANCES OF BETTIE PAGE. Bettie Page, pin-up model of the 1950s, cult model of the 80s and 90s, gained mainstream recognition in the last few years of her life when she was immortalized in three major film productions, the first being Nico B’s BETTIE PAGE DARK ANGEL (a homage to the lost bondage films.)

Irving Klaw, “King of the Pin-ups,” filmed these short films and where the first the young Bettie performed in on celluloid. These films have now been transferred from the original 8mm reels in a new High-definition transfer, including rare bonus Bettie Page “Kamera Club” films. The release features a 1950s rock ‘n roll lounge soundtrack along with new bonus features.

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