Eddie Macon’s Run Blu-ray review

Video - 9
Audio - 7.7
Movie - 5.9

Eddie Macon’s Run is the kind of movie that only 1983 can make. Playing with the kind of action and edits only available in the 1980s while forcing the generational issues of the 1970s, it’s a film that feels like a time capsule of an 8 week period in a year that none of us can remember. Also, was this the reason we had wrong Dukes on Dukes of Hazzard for a season?

Eddie Macon's Run title card

For those that have seen the film, let me ask you something about the ending. What other movie ends before we know that everyone is safe? The credits start running where it feels like there should be 10-15 minutes more of plot to let us know that the family is safe in Mexico. It honestly makes no sense.

Mill Creek released the Blu-ray without any special features.

Eddie Macon's Run ending

Eddie Macon’s Run is available now from Mill Creek!

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