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Age of Consent is one of the greatest films from the Archers. Well, one of the Archers. It’s hard to imagine Powell without Pressburger, yet fans of British cinema will have to carry on. What most will probably know about the film is it featured a crazy naked young Helen Mirren. Trust me, I appreciate the talented lady as being one of the greatest living actresses.

The film is a James Mason vanity piece about the life of Australian artist Norman Lindsay. Powell shoots the hell out of it, but the big takeaway is how stunning Mirren was in her youth.

Cactus Flower is the film that gave Goldie Hawn her Oscar. It was nice of her to then take the next few decades off to give everyone else a shot. Well, other than Jonathan Demme. Walter Matthau plays a dentist who just can’t seem to have anything go right. Naturally, he gets paired with a wacky flower child and things aren’t ever the same. Director Gene Saks had a previous hit with The Odd Couple and figured he could make the same movie again. But, this time…with a girl!

What do these odd Columbia release have in common? They were released in 1969 and that’s about it. I’m not sure if there is much of a girl power element. After all, Hawn spends most of Cactus Flower wailing for a man’s attention. Oh well, pick it up and check out a time capsule.

AGE OF CONSENT / CACTUS FLOWER is out now from Mill Creek!


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