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The Entity: Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray review]

The Entity: Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray review]

The Entity: Collector's Edition [Blu-ray review] 8

The Entity is one of those films that has always been around for fans of 80s cinema. I remember being a kid and hearing about this one. It was always so scandalous to hear about the ghost rape movie. You don’t really see anything, but the implication is hammered home. Plus, the demon ghost thing calls Hershey a cunt in a trashy Amitville Horror style. But, else is there to the movie?

Scream Factory Collector’s Editions are the best at making me taking a look at those mid-stream films that I usually ignored. The new interviews and commentary help to explain a lot about the obvious subtext of the film. The Entity is nothing more than a monster given purpose by how men are terrible to women. Well, what about the incest plot that got cut from the film? Hell, what about Ron Silver’s character constantly eluding to Hershey’s character having incestuous urges for her teenage son?

The film is incredibly loosely based on a real life event. However, when you research the real case…it falls apart. That’s what happens when you have a supernatural event that treads into the dark and seedy. Victims don’t talk about or they can’t ground their experience. As a result, the skeptical non-connected passers-by are left to cry bullshit on the story.

It’s not an easy film to watch. However, I feel it’s one that might find a receptive audience in the modern era. Give it a shot. The 1080p transfer looks better than any presentation I’ve seen for the film yet.

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The Entity is available now!

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