Tea With The Dames: Old Ladies Hot Brit Action Blu-ray review

The dames get together for tea to reminisce and discuss their acting careers.
Video - 8
Audio - 7.3
Movie - 7.7

Tea With The Dames is an important look at the grand surviving ladies of the British stage. As time marches on, we are only going to lose more of these talents. So, why not get these lovely ladies together to discuss their craft and contributions to the arts?

tea with the dames 14

Director Roger Michell does an amazing job of hanging back and letting the Dames talk. The cuts to little seen performances and vintage material only helps to back up the points. Watching these friends share stories and talk about their lives is super interesting. But, did it necessarily warrant a feature film?

That’s where I try to sympathize with a wider audience. Tea with the Dames requires a lot of a Western audience. Specifically, looking at things before their time and trying to understand uncommon voices discuss the Arts. At best, it’s as good as Tea with the Dames. When it’s the worst, it’s that SNL sketch where Dana Carvey played Mickey Rooney talking to British actors about the craft.

tea with the dames 1

The IFC Blu-ray comes with no special features. However, the surprisingly strong A/V Quality can be seen in the gallery and screenshots. Pick it up if you dig this sort of documentary.


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