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Ordinary People Blu-ray Paramount beauty shot

Ordinary People comes to Blu-ray on March 29th

Ordinary People is the newest addition to the Paramount Presents collection. While this release packs new interviews, the bigger win is getting this Best Picture in proper 1080p HD. We’re runnin...

Last Train from Gun Hill title 7.8 Good

Last Train from Gun Hill (1959) [Blu-ray review]

Last Train from Gun Hill is an odd Western to watch. Mainly because it’s an unrelenting revenge tale that refuses to try and humanize anything. Kirk Douglas’s wife is raped and murdered by...

pretty in pink blu ray title 8.1 Great

Pretty in Pink

Teen sensations Molly Ringwald (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club) and Andrew McCarthy (St. Elmo’s Fire) drew rave reviews for their starring performances in this timeless love story. Andie (Ringwal...

fatal attraction paramount presents title

Single Career Woman Attacks Loving Suburban Family: Fatal Attraction (Paramount Presents Blu-ray review)

Fatal Attraction must have been quite the film for suburban adults that didn’t watch exploitation films. Just think about cineplexes and mall theaters full of older adults learning that adultery...

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