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Bird Box (2018): America's Latest Waste of Time 1

Bird Box (2018): America’s Latest Waste of Time

Bird Box took four viewings before I was finally able to decide what I think of the Netflix original. Directed by Susanne Bier, the film is probably the best adaptation one could make out of a mediocr...

Bird Box (2018): America's Latest Waste of Time 5


MILE 22 REVIEWED “Mile 22” is a solid action movie. But, it also plays like a narrative to a video game. A foreign cop (Iko Uwais) is trying to stop his corrupt government from seizing six...

Bird Box (2018): America's Latest Waste of Time 7


WARM BODIES 4K REVIEWED “Warm Bodies” looks stunning in 4K. I’d bore you with the details about zombie apocalypse done with humor, but people have seen this movie by now. What matter...

Bird Box (2018): America's Latest Waste of Time 9


RED 4K REVIEWED “Red” makes the most out of three comic issues. While it is a pretty standard old man action flick, there’s a degree of charm at play with this cast. The movie is pre...

Bird Box (2018): America's Latest Waste of Time 11


RED 2 4K ULTRA HD REVIEWED “Red 2” is an even bigger action-adventure which story moves all around the world from America to Russia and Europe. After trying to run the normal life, Frank realises he w...


  THE PLOT THUS FAR A biography of the civil-rights activist and labor organizer Cesar Chavez. WHAT WE THOUGHT “Cesar Chavez” is a biopic, so all of the trappings of that genre come along f...

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