Iko Uwais

Stuber 3 feat

Stuber [Blu-ray review]

Stuber arrived in early July to make a wet thud on the Box Office. I thought it was a little unfair, as these kinds of movies used to enjoy decent box office regardless of the season. But, it’s ...

MILE 22 4


MILE 22 REVIEWED “Mile 22” is a solid action movie. But, it also plays like a narrative to a video game. A foreign cop (Iko Uwais) is trying to stop his corrupt government from seizing six...

beyond skyline poster


BEYOND SKYLINE REVIEWED In case you didn’t know it already, Beyond Skyline is a sequel to the 2010’s sci-fi thriller Skyline. A seven-year gap between sequels isn’t really the norm these days, but it’...

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