Gordon Parks


Summer of Shaft: Shaft’s Big Score (1972)

Shaft’s Big Score is probably my favorite Shaft film. Building almost immediately off the action of the first film, Shaft is caught in an emerging mob war. Multiple spots in the Ghetto are being...

Funny Shaft

Summer of Shaft: Shaft (1971)

The Summer of Shaft begins now! https://youtu.be/T1ga1FgU10E Shaft debuted in 1971 as audiences were growing far too accustomed to the Youth Power films and Studio Tentpoles of the era. Director Gordo...

SUPER FLY (1972) 6

SUPER FLY (1972)

SUPER FLY REVIEWED “Super Fly” was one of the earliest Blaxploitation films. Shakespearean actor Ron O’ Neal played the drug dealer Priest, who dreamed of one last million dollar sco...

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