George Clooney

Catch 22 DVD

Catch-22 (2019)

Catch-22 was one of the shows I looked forward to seeing in 2019. Then, it arrived. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for the Mike Nichols version, but this literal adaptation of the literar...

Catch-22 (2019) 3

Top 25 of 2016: 14) Hail, Caesar!

HAIL, CAESAR! REVIEWED “Hail, Caesar” remains one of my favorite films of 2016. While heavily stylized and evoking the 1950s at every turn, the result is a picture not meant for a broad modern audienc...

Catch-22 (2019) 5


RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES REVIEWED “Return of the Killer Tomatoes” was a film that I first encountered on VHS inside an indie pharmacy chain. This wasn’t a great pharmacy, as they went...

Catch-22 (2019) 7
Catch-22 (2019) 9
Catch-22 (2019) 11

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