Mo’ Money / High School High

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Mo’ Money was a big movie when I was a kid. You’re going to hear that a lot when discussing these I Love the 90s movies from Mill Creek. Damon Wayans was riding high off his In Living Color fame and he opened some big movies for Columbia Pictures. Written by Wayans, the film was a showcase for his character work while trying to transition him into an Eddie Murphy style lead. It didn’t work, but the film tried its best.

High School High is a parody written by David Zucker and directed by Ellis from Die Hard. Jon Lovitz does his best with the material, but it’s at this point…you could see movie satire shift from Naked Gun and into Scary Movie territory. The jokes were less about content and more about visuals.

High School High

Naturally, I expect to see some modern audiences having trouble with the content.

Mo Money / High School High is available June 4th


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