Krull (Retro VHS) (1983)

Journey into a mystical time and place that belongs to neither the past nor the present, where extraordinary creatures of myth work their incredible magic, and where a horrific, omnipotent Beast is the ruler. This is the planet of Krull! Prince Colwyn sets out on a daring mission to rescue his young bride who is held captive by the Beast. But slayers and alien beings under the command of the Beast oppose him at every turn. Colwyn must first reach a faraway cavern to recover the legendary Glaive, a flying blade capable of phenomenal powers.
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Krull is a film that wanted to be equal parts “Star Wars” and equal parts easy to shoot British fantasy. Unfortunately, the end result was a jumbled mess with a score that sounded like Horner’s left overs from “The Wrath of Khan”. Naturally, I saw it as a child and played the living hell out of the tie-in game on the Atari 2600. While I forgave many of its warts over the years and spotted the early Liam Neeson role, I can’t say that this is a good movie. Visual intriguing and well designed, I’ll give it that. But, it’s just not a good movie.

krull 9

I remember being obsessed with this movie as a young kid. But, even then…the constant tonal shifts and vague approach to the film’s central villain was bizarre. It’s a satanic style figure that seems to live in a teleporting castle where he can only be seen via a smeared lens? That’s crazy, but it appeals to little kids in the way that a good fantasy should do it. Abstract plot, but defined by clear roles and objectives.

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