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Krull (Retro VHS) (1983) 1

Krull (Retro VHS) (1983)

Krull is a film that wanted to be equal parts “Star Wars” and equal parts easy to shoot British fantasy. Unfortunately, the end result was a jumbled mess with a score that sounded like Horner’s left overs from “The Wrath of Khan”. Naturally, I saw it as a child and played the living hell out of the tie-in game on the Atari 2600. While I forgave many of its warts over the years and spotted the early Liam Neeson role, I can’t say that this is a good movie. Visual intriguing and well designed, I’ll give it that. But, it’s just not a good movie.

I remember being obsessed with this movie as a young kid. But, even then…the constant tonal shifts and vague approach to the film’s central villain was bizarre. It’s a satanic style figure that seems to live in a teleporting castle where he can only be seen via a smeared lens? That’s crazy, but it appeals to little kids in the way that a good fantasy should do it. Abstract plot, but defined by clear roles and objectives.

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