South Park Season 24 Blu-ray title 8.8 Great

South Park: The Complete Twenty-Fourth Season (2021)[Blu-ray review]

South Park: The Complete Twenty-Fourth Season dares to thumb its nose at the traps that have befallen The Simpsons, while still angering the right people. What makes it a Complete Twenty-Fourth Season...

South Park Post COVID Blu ray 8.6 Great

South Park: Post COVID (2021) [Blu-ray review]

Post COVID is the first South Park outing for Paramount Plus. While they followed it up in 2022, the magic kinda went out of the bag with this one. South Park forgoes Seasons for Special Events The ne...

Blue Hawaii title 8.6 Great

Blue Hawaii (1961) [4K UHD review]

Blue Hawaii is the reason why Becket got made. Focus on that, rather than Angela Lansbury playing Elvis’s mother. I put that there as a preface because of our younger readers’ inability to...

the christmas tales poster 6.4 Fair

The Christmas Tapes (2022) [Movie review]

The Christmas Tapes is proof that anthologies work best around the Holidays. The Christmas Tapes won’t become a Holiday tradition for most. There is this weird media obsessed push to have fixed ...

Ticket to Paradise Blu-ray4_25 8.2 Great

Ticket to Paradise (2022) [Blu-ray review]

Ticket to Paradise is the kind of romantic comedy that used to dominate the late 1950s and early 1960s. Y’know, that other time where the studio system was slowly dying. Ticket to Paradise is a ...

back to the beach title 8.1 Great

Back to the Beach (1987) [Paramount Presents Blu-ray review]

Back to the Beach is one of those cult classics that deserved the attention given to other kitschy films. So, why did Back to the Beach go so ignored? It was hard to care about Frankie and Annette in ...

Huluween Bite Size Halloween Snatched 9.9 Amazing

Snatched (2022) [Hulu’s Bite-Size Halloween Review]

A 15-year-old boy finally comes out to his parents; they seem as doubtful of accepting it as he’d feared. Then what looks to be a meteor shower hits overnight — and the next morning, he ge...

Bigfoot or Bust (2022) [MVD Blu-ray review] 23 7.5 Good

Bigfoot or Bust (2022) [MVD Blu-ray review]

Bigfoot or Bust follows a pack of curvy women, as they head out to discover the legendary Bigfoot. It’s not Cinemax, it’s a high quality Blu-ray. Jim Wynorski is the last of the B-movie au...

Confess Fletch Troy talks trailers 6.5 Fair

Confess, Fletch (2022): Do Book Fans Create Packed Audiences? [Review]

Confess, Fletch is the best cover band take on a Chevy Chase humored murder mystery. But, it’s not Chevy and there’s barely a chase. Jon Hamm is an incredible talent. But, sometimes you do...

Good Burger title 7.6 Good

Good Burger 25th Anniversary Edition [Steelbook Blu-ray review]

Good Burger turns 25! Come learn about the dangers of the fast food industry. Also, did your Steelbook fall apart on you when the shrinkwrap came off? The Good Burger talk begins now!

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