Redline (2007) [MVD Blu-ray review] 17 7.7 Good

Redline (2007) [MVD Blu-ray review]

“Redline”, the 2007 film set amidst the backdrop of illegal street racing, is as flashy as the luxury supercars it parades and as hollow as a well-revved exhaust pipe. Director Andy Cheng,...

devotion 4k uhd 1 (3) 9 Amazing

Devotion (2022)[4K UHD review]

Devotion hit theaters so fast last Fall that I’m stunned that it couldn’t find an audience. Naturally, streaming has been saving it. What’s not to love about Jonathan Majors and Glen...

return of swamp thing 4k (2) 9.1 Amazing

The Return of Swamp Thing (1989) [4K UHD review]

The Return of Swamp Thing is set in a Louisiana swamp where Dr. Alec Holland (Dick Durock), the former human host of the Swamp Thing, has been living in isolation. Meanwhile, Anton Arcane (Louis Jourd...

Cocaine Bear (2023) [Maximum Rampage Edition Blu-ray review] 21 8.6 Great

Cocaine Bear (2023) [Maximum Rampage Edition Blu-ray review]

Cocaine Bear is a lot smaller in real life. As someone who has encountered the now stuffed bear at several points in my adult life, I always bring that up to people. So, when Cocaine Bear became a mod...

magnificent warriors title 9.2 Amazing

Magnificent Warriors (1987) [Blu-ray review]

Magnificent Warriors is a 1987 Hong Kong action-adventure film directed by Eric Tsang, Jackie Chan’s longtime collaborator. The movie features Michelle Yeoh, who was already known for her impres...

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) [Blu-ray review] 24 9 Amazing

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) [Blu-ray review]

Top Gun: Maverick kicks off our Oscar Week with this repurposed Blu-ray review. Why? Well, because everything here has been so reworked that we’re just now getting everything into the proper hub...

Drive 4K UHD6_29 9.1 Amazing

Drive (1997) [88 Films 4K UHD Review]

Drive is one of those cult films that just missed me upon initial release. Hell, I think I missed the second wave as well. If it’s funny and they Drive, I guess it’s a Cult Classic? Maybe ...

Martial Club title 8.2 Great

Martial Club (1981) [88 Films USA Blu-ray]

Martial Club is a 1981 Shaw Brothers movie that played lighter than their first wave of classics, but also managed to give Johnny Wang his first hero role. The last 2 years has seen a ton of Shaw Brot...

adventures of don juan title 8.6 Great

Adventures of Don Juan (1948) [Warner Archive Blu-ray]

What to know before watching Adventures of Don Juan Adventures of Don Juan was a very complicated remake of 1926’s Don Juan. But, I’m already talking remakes of silent films that none of y...

The Boys Season 3 (2022) 30 7.8 Good

The Boys Season 3 (2022)

The Boys Season 3 brings Prime Video into the blockbuster streaming season. After finishing the entire season, I realized that Prime Video is dropping the first three episodes first and then spreading...

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