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Apple Seed (2019) [Blu-ray review]

Apple Seed” was brought to life by the creative vision of director Michael Worth, who also penned the script. This independent production showcases the resilience and determination of filmmakers operating outside the Hollywood system. Its release in 2019 came at a time when the film industry was dominated by franchise reboots and sequels, making “Apple Seed” a bold and welcome departure from the norm.

Apple Seed (2019) [Blu-ray review] 1

I really liked Apple Seed

The film’s setting in small-town America provides a nostalgic backdrop that harks back to a simpler time. Filming locations, such as Main Street in Bisbee, Arizona, add an authentic touch to the movie’s visual aesthetic. Furthermore, the inclusion of notable actors, including Rance Howard, Clint Howard, and Esther Anderson, lends credibility to the project and enhances the overall viewing experience.

“Apple Seed” tells the story of Prince McCoy (Michael Worth), who embarks on a cross-country road trip with the intention of robbing his hometown bank. Along the way, Prince crosses paths with Carl Robbins (Rance Howard), an ex-convict hitchhiker who becomes an unexpected ally. As their journey unfolds, the duo encounters various individuals who challenge their perspectives and help them confront their troubled pasts.

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A film that is about something

The film deftly explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of human connection. Through the relationships Prince and Carl form with the people they meet along their journey, they slowly begin to heal the ghosts of their pasts. The narrative serves as a poignant reminder that no one is beyond redemption and that genuine connections can alter the course of one’s life.

The performances in “Apple Seed” are a testament to the talent and dedication of the cast. Rance Howard delivers a captivating portrayal of Carl Robbins, capturing the essence of a man seeking redemption and striving to rebuild his life. Michael Worth’s portrayal of Prince McCoy showcases a complex journey from desperation to self-discovery, allowing viewers to empathize with his character’s struggles.

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Independent Cinema is as American as Jazz. Just don’t tell the French.

The chemistry between the actors is palpable, giving depth and authenticity to the relationships portrayed on screen. Esther Anderson’s portrayal of Regan, Prince’s love interest, adds an additional layer of emotional complexity to the narrative. The ensemble cast, including Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, and Robby Benson, contribute nuanced performances that further enhance the film’s impact.

“Apple Seed” is a captivating and thought-provoking film that defies expectations. Through its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and exploration of redemption and connection, it leaves a lasting impact on viewers. Director Michael Worth’s commitment to independent storytelling shines through, offering a refreshing departure from formulaic Hollywood fare.

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Why watch Apple Seed years after the fact?

Apple Seed is now on Blu-ray with a bonus DVD full of special features. The Blu-ray comes with a commentary and a featurette. Honestly, Michael Worth’s commentary as director and star helped me to understand the movie a ton. However, I don’t see it being enough to win over anyone that wasn’t already digging the film. So, what’s the takeaway?

I love indie cinema. It seems like after COVID, all adult cinema from the majors has overtaken indie ranks and now the true indie films are shoved down to their Z-tier outlets. Thankfully, all of these nearly lost dialogue driven movies are finding new lives on disc and streaming.

I’m a big fan of the Dances with Film Festival and I’m glad that they did everything they could to get Apple Seed in front of initial audiences. Hopefully, this Blu-ray will do the rest. Highly recommended.

Apple Seed is now available from VCI and MVD on December 12th.

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Apple Seed (2019) [Blu-ray review]

Troy loves Apple Seed, but also really likes Rance Howard. Seriously, I started some grief years ago about how much I loved Grizzly Park. Anyways, here's the Apple Seed Blu-ray review.
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