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Cyber Monday 2020 Blu-ray and DVD review bonanza!

Cyber Monday is hours away and Troy is watching the deals from behind a stack of movies. Times like this are when I see people screaming, I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO REVIEW THE LAST STARFIGHTER ALREAD...

7.9 Good
bloodfight ironheart blu

Bloodfight / Ironheart Double Feature [Blu-ray review]

Bloodfight is proof that Bolo Yeung is amazing in any movie he stars. Taking the spotlight as the lead in another Martial Arts tournament movie, the material might seem familiar to Yeung. But, audienc...

7.5 Good
marriage story best of 2019

Marriage Story [Top 25 of 2019 #7]

Upper class white people get divorced, fawn over each other, then employ Laura Dern.

9.8 Amazing
honey boy art by matt garretson

Honey Boy review: Shia Goes Electric [Top 25 of 2019 #12]

A young actor's stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father and deal with his mental health.

9.7 Amazing
Joker Best of 2019 pic by Matt Garretson

Joker: I Love Everything You Hate [Top 25 of 2019]

Top 25 of 2019: #6 Joker People thought there were going to be mass shootings in Joker screenings. That was the initial line of derision. Then, came the talk of the film being Baby’s First Taxi ...

9.8 Amazing
fahrenheit 9/11 title

Fahrenheit 9/11 [MVD Blu-ray Review]

In the most provocative film of 2004, Academy Award© winner Michael Moore (2002, Best Documentary, Bowling for Columbine) presents a searing examination of the role played by money and oil in the wake...

7.6 Good
the dead zone title

The Dead Zone [Stephen King 5-Movie Collection Blu-ray review]

Director David Cronenberg delivers a taut psychological thriller with the story of Johnny Smith, a schoolteacher who awakens from a coma to discover he has psychic abilities.  Christopher Walken gives...

8.8 Great
Stephen King The Stand Pet Sematary Blu-ray

Pet Sematary (1989) [Stephen King 5-Movie Collection Blu-ray review]

Written for the screen by Stephen King and based on his iconic bestseller, director Mary Lambert’s thrilling Pet Sematary electrified audiences upon its release.  When tragedy strikes, a grief-stricke...

8.4 Great
Stephen King The Stand Pet Sematary Blu-ray

Pet Sematary (2019) [Stephen King 5-Movie Collection Blu-ray review]

Called “the stuff of nightmares” (Rolling Stone) and “a creepy masterpiece” (Coming Soon), Pet Sematary (2019) delivers a bone-chilling thrill ride.  The Blu-ray boasts over 90 minutes of special feat...

7.9 Good

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