BRAZIL (1944)

BRAZIL (1944) 1


“Brazil” works as a musical star vehicle for Tito Guizar. If you don’t know Guizar, then I guess you don’t keep up with World Music from 75 years ago. Let’s put it this way, he was a pretty big deal. The film is pretty light, as it takes a Republic contract star and builds a romantic comedy for Guizar. Everyone gets a chance to play songs and mug for the camera. But, what does it all mean?

For a film that pulled down 3 Oscar noms in 1944, I guess the field was a little light due to World War II. If it wasn’t for the surprise cameo by Roy Rogers, there would be almost no joy in this film. The Black and White cinematography in the film is quite lovely, but that says a lot about the movie. It’s an A/V trifle that doesn’t tug on the brain for more than 91 minutes. Watch it and forget it.


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  • 1.37:1 1080p transfer


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