Zebrahead is an Orange County, California-based Pop Punk/Rapcore band which was formed in La Habra, California. Phoenix is the fourth release from Zebrahead on Sony Music Entertainment, and the successor to Broadcast to the World (2006). ‘Mental Health’ is the first single and the music video.



Two discs has arrived. One disc is music. One disc is a DVD look at the best of the band. Come on and feel the funk. You know that you want to feel it. So, do it!




1. HMP
2. Hell Yeah!
3. Just the Tip
4. Mental Health
5. Juggernauts
6. Death by Disco
7. Be Careful What You Wish For
8. Morse Code for Suckers
9. Ignite
10. Mike Dexter Is a God, Mike Dester Is a Role Model, Mike Dexter Is an A*


TPhoenix, Zebrahead’s latest effort, left me with no idea what to expect. What else can I say? It is fantastic. It is their most complete and entertaining album to date. The album maintains the style used in Broadcast to the World and incorporates influences from their previous albums, including a few from Waste of Mind which should satisfy my fellow old school Zebrahead fans. The sounds range from hardcore (HMP) to pop and catchy (Mental Health, also their first single) and everything in between. Ali sounds better than ever with his rapping, while Matty’s vocals have made dramatic improvements from Broadcast to the World (still not quite as good as Justo’s were but pretty darn close, at times you cant tell the difference), creating the balance between rap and rock that nobody does better than Zebrahead.

Also included is the previously unreleased Broadcast To The World DVD which features so many funny and revealing moments of life on the road with Zebrahead that it is worth the admission money alone. There are so many goodies on it – the official videos of “Anthem”, “Postcards From Hell”, “Broadcast To The World”, “Karma Flavored Whisky”, “The Walking Dead”, and the sublime “Broadcast #2”.


The package is a great release. It’s a fun collection of material that allows for the Z-heads to come together and unite. It’s a great listen and one that helps you to discover a new band. I hope that you guys give Zebrahead a chance. They’re like The Offspring, but with respectability.



  • Final Score: 94% – A

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