Yo! The It’s Always Sunny Capsule Collection is Here!

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What’s up, bitches! Time to eat some… whatever and drink some grain alcohol when you roll up to the pub sportin’ your badass gear from the “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” Capsule Collection. This limited-edition collection is a series of exclusive It’s Always Sunnymerchandise inspired by the hilarious television show that can only be purchased from Loot Crate. Pour a cold one with your bros and gals with this one-of-a-kind collection!

Always Sunny Loot Crate

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Capsule Collection includes three pieces of premium bar-hopping apparel, including a sexy ass pair of Fight Milk Joggers, a totally tight Rum Ham Frank T-shirt, and a bitchin’ Paddy’s Pub Zip Up Hoodie.

fight milk jogging pants always sunny

Purchase any It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia wearable or buy all three to guarantee you get those digits, dawg. This is a limited-edition, non-recurring series you can’t get anywhere else. (Seriously, we don’t know where else you can buy this stuff. If you know, tell us.) 

zip up always sunny

Items will ship to your door whenever the hell we feel like shipping them, jabroni. (Probably this spring, but who knows.) The T-shirt is $25 plus shipping and handling. The Jogger is $30 and the hoodie $35. Or just don’t be a cheap bastard and purchase all three items for $85 plus $5 shipping and handling. Do that and you’ll receive a bonus Rum Ham Decal to show off to your crew. This Capsule Collection is limited. Meaning when we run out, then you get nothing, chump. So best order fast.

zip up full always sunny

Don’t be a wuss. Purchase the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia limited-edition Capsule Collection here:


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