“XX” uses director gender as a means of spinning out four average horror tales. Do you like metaphors? Well, good. These four films take an almost EC love of metaphor to the brink. Starting with “The Box”, ideas of familial eating and gathering around the dinner table are used to attack the family unit. From there, we get horror shorts dealing with curses and other weirdness.

St. Vincent (Annie Clark) makes a typical horror directing debut. Well, that means that she aims for the Moon and then grounds the ball pretty far. I feel that in a few years, she could emerge as quite a capable storyteller. The Karyn Kusama tale depends heavily on the movie signals it borrows to tell the anthology’s most complicated story. Polling the readership, I found that most of the AV Nation was expecting something quite different.

Hell, that’s the problem when you deprive anthologies from the mainstream for a few years. When you reintroduce creator propelled content, issues like theme and narrative flow screw with the slower kids. While it isn’t perfect, I’d still recommend checking it out.


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The Plot Thus Far

Four short horror films that are directed and written by women.

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