Chapter 46

Christopher Summers was a military pilot who was abducted by the Shiar. He’s far more famous for giving his kids Spielbergian daddy issues, while gallivanting across the stars as a space pirate. Later on, he’d write off his adventures as an older Han Solo by stating that the grief of his wife’s death made him believe that his kids had died. The kids back on Earth. The same kids he threw out of an airplane with a single parachute. Corsair makes peace with them and gives them a ride on his spacecraft at various times. Hell, he digs Cyclops so much that he hangs with adult and time displace teen Cyclops.

Havok only got one trip, but he got to take over for his father after Corsair supposedly died. Corsair was later resurrected by Hepzibah cutting a deal with some alien force to give her human pirate friend with benefits some extra time. Oh yeah, did I forget that Corsair also missed the time that Cyclops was killed by Apocalypse and totally didn’t bother to check in about it? Seriously, it was a Lobdell plot point that Corsair totally blew off his kid’s death until he found out after the fact. The person who told him was Cyclops. Father of the year!


Raza was an aggressor when he first met Corsair on slave detail. His push to make Corsair find a new purpose in life is what lead to the creation of the team. That and Hepzibah’s desire to give Corsair sweet space kitty poon. That phrase is going to index into Google so damn well. Corsair would train most of the Starjammer recruits and help build them into a brutal fighting force. Hepzibah provided the assists, Sikorsky provided medical aid, Ch’od was large and Corsair flew the ship. Everyone had their purpose and things made sense in the Marvel Cosmic Universe.

Ch’od joined the Starjammers on the same slave labor planet. He’d serve as the muscle for years, as he’d fight with Sikorsky and fulfill the Chewbacca factor. Sadly, the only thing memorable that would happen to him is losing his hand trying to keep Lilandra from getting abducted during the War of Kings storyline. Korvus was a former Kree who showed up during the time of Emperor Vulcan’s mad reign. He was cool and got to play around with the Death Commandos and the Phoenix Force. Plus, he had a really huge sword for a bit.

Hepzibah was Corsair’s main squeeze throughout the years. Corsair named her after a character from Pogo, since he couldn’t pronounce her real name. Then, they proceeded to have a physical relationship. I know that aliens require a broader sense of understanding, but Corsair might’ve been Marvel’s first furry lover. He was weepy about his wife dying and abandoning his kids. So, he spent the years working as a pirate banging a space pirate skunk kitty woman. Hepzibah gets involved with many cosmic X-Men stories for a bit until she’s stranded on Earth. Following news of the death of Corsair, she decides to have sex with Warpath for awhile. But, Greg Rucka or fate decides to send her back into space to find a way to resurrect Corsair.

The Starjammers are hard to divorce from the fact that they were complete Dave Cockrum creations. While Marvel has done better in the past decade towards making peace with the late great artist, Cockrum deserves a credit every time these characters are used. Honestly, it’s like Nightcrawler. These are characters so tied to one man’s impact on their creation that it’s hard to say that they belong to anyone else. The problem with talking about them in these stilted spotlights is that their involvement is so tied to specific storylines. Don’t worry, fans! You’ll be seeing them again.


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