WWII FROM SPACE delivers World War II in a way you’ve never experienced it before. This two-hour HISTORY special uses an all-seeing CGI eye that offers a satellite view of the conflict, allowing you to experience it in a way that places key events and tipping points in a global perspective. By re-creating groundbreaking moments that could never have been captured on camera and by illustrating the importance of simultaneity and the hidden effects of crucial incidents, HISTORY presents the war’s monumental moments in never- before-seen context. And with new information brought to the forefront, you’ll better understand how a nation ranked 19th in the world’s militaries in 1939 emerged six years later as the planet’s only atomic superpower.


The all-knowing CG eye has returned to help out The History Channel again. So much of what is presented here feels like a regurgitation from the last 800 times that History has tackled it. However, I like the inventive approaches towards the recycling. However, I do have one major bugaboo about what’s being presented here.

As an amateur historian, I wonder about the impact of restaging events if no camera could’ve documented them. In that sense, we’re repurposing material and not accurately reporting what happened. Is that disrespectful or is it a new way to share history with kids? Am I over thinking this one?

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is strong with a supportive transfer and a DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track. The DTS-HD track really kicks in when it needs for the World War II action. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.


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