“The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers” is an anthology about the worst people committing the best crimes. The best maverick directors of American, Japanese, Italian and French cinema came together to make these quick tales of crimes. Unfortunately, Roman Polanski now asks for his segment to be cut from the film. If you’re really hard up to watch it, I’d suggest deep searching areas like Vimeo or YouTube. But, what about the movie?

Jean Seberg and Jean-Luc Godard probably have the best segment of the film, as it is void of the Amicus morality tale mentality that permeates the picture. Godard uses Seberg to plumb the ideas of foreign nature and morality. While the geisha tale is fun and the story of the con men selling the Eiffel Tower is cute…it lacks the punch of the Godard conclusion. Well, technically Serge Gainsbourg has a musical bit to close the film. What’s the big takeaway?

Honestly, I don’t see what Polanski didn’t want to partake in the film any longer. It marks that weird period where he was starting to move from indie World Cinema and into Hollywood fare. I guess that he didn’t like how tongue-in-cheek the films went with their conclusions. Oh well, he’s got bigger things to worry about now.


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The Plot Thus Far

The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers combines the talents of top-tier directors and actors from the world of American, French, Italian and Japanese cinema in an entertaining tale of sensational swindles taking place around the globe.

Claude Chabrol (Le Boucher) directs L’Homme qui vendit la Tour Eiffel, Jean-Luc Godard (Weekend) directs Le Grand escroc, Ugo Gregoretti (Ro.Go.Pa.G) directs La Feuille du Route, and Hiromichi Horikawa (Kuroi Gashu: Aru sarariman no shogen) directs Les Cinq Bienfaiteurs de Fumiko.

The eclectic cast of actors includes Jean Seberg (Breathless), Academy Award nominee Catherine Deneuve (Indochin – 1993), Jean-Pierre Cassel (Murder on the Orient Express), Francis Blanche (Monsieur Gangster) and Ken Mitsuda (Sansho the Bailiff).

Lending their considerable talents behind the camera are cinematographers Raoul Coutard (Breathless), Tonino Delli Colli (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly), Asakazu Nakai (Ran) and Jean Rabier (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg).

NOTE: The Amsterdam segment, A River of Diamonds (directed by Roman Polanski), which was featured in original theatrical release of The World’s Most Beautiful Swindlers, has been removed from presentations of the film at the request of the director.

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