WORLD CUP SOCCER IN AFRICA: WHO REALLY WINS? cuts through the hype, with an uncompromising examination of what the World Cup means for South Africans themselves. International heavyweights like Archbishop Desmond Tutu, construction workers, FIFA’s Communications Director, street traders, politicians, and sports celebrities, wade into the debate. National pride, corruption and even murder feature in this astonishingly candid film which peels back the glossy media veneer to expose the real concerns of ordinary South Africans.


“World Cup Soccer in Africa: Who Really Wins?” is a strong documentary offering from Levitation Films and the gang at Disinformation. Taking a look at the real South Africa, the casual viewer gets a chance to see a world they only know from “District 9”. Starting this Friday, we’ll get to see the greatest soccer playing nations in the world come together and battle it out. But, what we don’t see is the institutional degradation and violence in the Southern lands. The documentary doesn’t try to lay blame, but a certain degree of fault can be placed on the backs of the Post-Apartheid industrial movement.

Almost picking up right where the previous government left off, these businesses and various fat cats are using their powers and cash to push kids out of their homes for new office developments. While there is some positive light shone on traditional values being given to the team, there’s a lot of other bullshit that South Africa wades through. While I would like to see the crippling poverty addressed on the world stage, I hate to say that the World Cup might not be the time to do it. So, what does that mean for this documentary?

Well, it doesn’t invalidate what we’re seeing. But, I’m left wondering why the film was given such a short runtime. Had the directors decided to focus on poverty or one single issue, we could’ve had something more substantial. In the end, it’s just a large overview of the various social ills that South Africa has been dealing with for the last few decades. The only benefit this film might contain is the ability to wash away the fuzzy memories of “Invictus”.


The DVD comes with an extended interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. You also get an interview with MLS Star Jomo Sono, as he talks about his time with South African soccer. Leading cartoonist Zapiro uses a cartoon montage to show us how South Africa won the right to hold the World Cup. The A/V Quality is pretty solid for a sports documentary, but the video quality was plagued with edge enhancement during older segments. Still, it’s well worth giving a rental via Netflix or your preferred service.

RELEASE DATE: 06/15/2010

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