If you’re reading this, then you’re already a fan of “Workaholics”. That’s just how damn addicting this show is. Watch the third season to relive the highlights of William Atherton, the flashback episode, Alex Borstein’s retail tugjob and the Darkness. Seriously, people. I know that the whole Goth thing is played out, but the Darkness was insanely hot. She doesn’t hold a candle to Jillian, but what can you say? We all want to live in Jurassic Park times, but we settle for “The Lost World”.

Ders is arguably the most responsible of the three. He used to be a competitive swimmer and once went “20 Point” a high point in his swimming career. He has high aspirations of being a successful politician one day and is constantly gunning for a promotion at Telemericorp, the company where they run down telemarketing lists all day. Blake is by far the most sensitive of the three. Much like the mom of the group he genuinely cares about everyone. He is a frequent contributor to Rancho Cucamonga chapter of the Justin Bieber online fan club, and does his best to police it. Then, there’s Adam. I’ve known and had way too many people like Adam write for this site. So, there’s that.

“Workaholics” is a perfect show. I know a cross-section of people who feel like they would hate it, but the Dudes win them over with every first viewing. Adam, Uncle Blazer and Ders show you what cubicle farms and call centers do the human psyche. They make you engage in doing drugs, turning your car into Falkor and getting weird at a gay pride party. The celebrity cameos also stepped up their game this year.

Season Five had the tempo down like crazy. I watched 4 1/2 hours of this season and it felt like I was watching a two hour movie. A movie that had Wizards rapping, Dolph Lundgren trying to steal your blood and jokes about Mark McGrath licking lady gravy boats. What’s really weird is that this season convinced me that Jack Black could be related to Adam. It’s all that I see anymore.

The guys made me appreciate Dane Cook, Pauly Shore and Lesser Hemsworth in one fell swoop. Then, we settled in for a long season. It’s not that the year was bad. It was just fell of lackluster ideas with a few choice moments dotting throughout the series. Whether it be the full body dinosaur puppeteers, Whitney Cummings as Alice’s sister or Jillian’s cat love…this year felt way too spread thin. Plus, it doesn’t help that Paramount didn’t release a Blu-Ray of Season 6.

What annoyed me more about the year and stopped my live-watching of the series was the cliffhanger that never went resolved. After making me think that my spouse deleted a DVR’d episode of the series, I found myself annoyed at the lack of follow-up. The drunkumentary slightly helped to explain things, but not enough. Ders, Adam and Blake are already showing that they can fare well independently, but I hate seeing what amounts to the beginning of the end for the show.

I just wish that the last season didn’t feel so rushed. While there were plenty of funny episodes, it felt like checking off boxes to get everyone down. The only ones that held up for me were the Bill dream episode and the RC car battle. Still, if you’ve followed this long…check it out.


  • Commentaries
  • Alternate Takes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • The Final Shot
  • Wrap Reel


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 5.1


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