“Workaholics” is a perfect show. I know a cross-section of people who feel like they would hate it, but the Dudes win them over with every first viewing. Adam, Uncle Blazer and Ders show you what cubicle farms and call centers do the human psyche. They make you engage in doing drugs, turning your car into Falkor and getting weird at a gay pride party. The celebrity cameos also stepped up their game this year.

Season Five had the tempo down like crazy. I watched 4 1/2 hours of this season and it felt like I was watching a two hour movie. A movie that had Wizards rapping, Dolph Lundgren trying to steal your blood and jokes about Mark McGrath licking lady gravy boats. What’s really weird is that this season convinced me that Jack Black could be related to Adam. It’s all that I see anymore.

The Blu-Ray comes with bloopers, deleted scenes, uncensored trailer, featurettes and more! The A/V Quality is stunning for recent TV. The 1080p transfer is perfect. The same goes for the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track. Comedy Central has been killing it with this series on Blu-Ray.

Release Date: 6/23/15

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