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Wonder Park [Blu-ray review]

Wonder Park [Blu-ray review]

Wonder Park

Wonder Park feels like a film that was shot without a script. In the animation world, that’s practically impossible. Yet, here I am several months later convinced that is what happened. The film suffered some behind the scenes drama as the first-time feature director was removed shortly before the film was completed. It’s been hard to find out any additional information about the film. When I tried contacting the powers that be, I got sandwiched with EPK material about the upcoming CG animation show on Nickelodeon.

When a kid movie bombs, it always fascinates me. Yet, this film bombed as something I haven’t seen since the 1980s. Paramount/Nickelodeon Movies turned this film into a TV pilot shot at feature length and dumped into theaters. Everything is a setup for a STEM entertainment push and a longer form series. Does the main story get resolved? Sure, but so did the She-Ra TV movie pilot. There is nothing here but a promise of more action to come at a later date.

The Blu-ray comes with fun sing-alongs and activities for the kids. However, the 1080p transfer and DTS-HD mix feels understated for a modern Kid movie. Oh well, your kids will still want to see it.

Wonder Park is available June 18th, 2019

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