Women of the Sun: Bunny Yeager in Mexico [Book Review]

Women of the Sun is a 4 star look at Bunny Yeager's photography in Mexico.
  • Stunning portraits
  • Lengthy look at Bunny Yeager's work
  • Almost needs a Volume 2

Women of the Sun: Bunny Yeager in Mexico is the second massive book I’ve covered this month. Cult Epics has always done right by Bunny Yeager and this book is no different. I’d recommend checking out 100 Girls by Bunny Yeager before reading the book. While the book focuses on one aspect of Yeager’s career, I feel it helps to have a broad understanding of Yeager.

Bunny Yeager is one of the greatest erotic photographers of all time. Famous for being the most prolific photographer of Bettie Page, Yeager also helped to make the bikini famous in America. When American erotica got way more graphic, Yeager found herself on the wayside. That was until later generations discovered her work.

women of the wun bunny yeager

The digital copy of Women of the Sun is on par with the digital standard I expect from Cult Epics. High resolution pictures laid out against crafted text explaining the nature of the Mexico shoots. I never really knew about this aspect of Yeager’s career, so I found myself re-reading a lot of the book to gain additional info.

Clocking in at over 200 pages, Women of the Sun is highly recommended for fans of vintage erotica. While it’s not the coffee table book that everyone is going to leave out, there is enough here to keep the right kind of fan entertained.

Nico B. has killed it again with this collection. If you haven’t picked up any of his books before, I’d recommend starting here and then working back to the others. Cult Epics brings the goods whether it is in books or movies. Check it out!

Women of the Sun: Bunny Yeager in Mexico arrives on June 9th

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