It’s the debut of an all-new, all-different Deathlok. Killer cyborgs have come from the future to kill the heroes of today, while Wolverine embarks on an international pub crawl with a certain recently reborn Sentinel of Liberty. Beer and bullets galore!

From Eisner Award nominees Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, comes the epic knock-down, drag-out battle between everyone’s favorite Mutie and Demolisher


“Tomorrow Dies Today” is Jason Aaron riffing on “The Terminator” for Marvel. What’s funny is that Deathlok actually predates James Cameron’s adventure with the T-800. The storyarc that was chosen for the latest Marvel motion comics comes with a lot of baggage. Sure, most casual fans know Roxxon from “Iron Man Three”, but they don’t necessarily know the company’s impact within the Marvel Universe. Then, there’s the whole baggage with Bucky Cap and why it’s important for Wolverine that he’s back. Plus, there is the whole wonky time stuff for Marvel.

Deathlok has been having a great year in terms of media representation. While I hate the take on Agents of Shield, I do like the fact that he’s getting his face out there. I’ve always dug the character and I appreciated the application. That being said, he’s nothing but a plot point here to eliminate future leaders. I at least liked it when Bendis had the Deathlok units being used as moveable WMDs. After all, if you live in a world where random robots can do whatever the hell they want, why wouldn’t people try to turn them into terror tools?

The DVD comes with a featurette as the special feature. The A/V Quality is pretty strong. The transfer is clean, but the Dolby track doesn’t get a ton of back channel support. Ultimately, it’s a pretty standard motion comic sent to DVD. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the curious.


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