Wolverine Sequel Rounding Into Form

Wolverine Sequel Rounding Into Form 1

Crossmap recently confirmed that WOLVERINE 3 (a working title, we assume) is aiming for a March 7, 2017 release. The sequel is to be directed by James Mangold and was written by Michael Green and David James Kelly. And it sounds as if it’s rounding into form.

The IMDB page for the officially untitled project still has no synopsis, which means we don’t know exactly what to expect from a plot perspective. However, there have been hints about an “Old Man Logan” storyline, which essentially places Wolverine in the future as an even grumpier version of his ass-kicking self. It may not seem like much, but this vision of the plot is probably backed up by the fact that an Old Man Logan character was recently introduced to Kabam’s Contest of Champions mobile game, which has been used before to push out characters who are about to appear in movies.

What we do know about the project is that Hugh Jackman is already getting into Wolverine mode. The actor’s physique has actually been a defining aspect of the X-Men and Wolverine franchises, such that it’s even been used to popularize the character in other media. Likely in an effort to keep the character relevant leading up to the sequel, Jackman’s image has been used on the cover of an X-Men title within Gala’s jackpot titles, where various mutant characters are used on a slot machine reel. Jackman isn’t the slot’s only focus but his stern visage and built frame certainly draw the eye, which is why he isn’t waiting to go ahead and bulk up for his return to the role.

Per Yahoo Style, Jackman is already bulking up big time. The site gave us a peek at the actor’s workout prepping for WOLVERINE 3, and suffice it to say he almost looks genuinely superhuman. He has shown this kind of dedication before, but getting a fresh look at his bulging muscles and popping veins is always alarming. It’s always a reminder that 20th Century Fox did an incredible job casting this part back in 2000 when the X-Men franchise first kicked off.

Jackman aside, we also learned in a report from Exclaim that Cliff Martinez (War Dogs, The Neon Demon, The Knick) is scoring the project. Martinez is known largely for his art house sounds and has focused for the most part on dark or unsettling films in the past. Whether or not that’s a clue as to what kind of tone we can expect in WOLVERINE 3 remains to be seen.

Even without a confirmed plot synopsis, it’s clear that the details are starting to trickle out on this project. The movie has been filming in New Mexico and Argentina, and it appears to be on schedule for its expected release.

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