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The Battle for the Future Ends in a Shattering 3-Part Finale. It’s time to save the world from Xavier’s catastrophic future in “Volume 6: Final Crisis Trilogy,” as Wolverine and the X-Men stop at nothing to prevent the world’s end in this epic first season finale. The shadowy Inner Circle has captured Jean Grey in order to possess the dangerous Phoenix inside her, while Magneto uses Mystique, disguised as Senator Kelly, to launch the Sentinels on Genosha. After discovering the truth about the Circle’s plan, Emma Frost realizes she alone must try to harness the Phoenix force and save Jean before it’s too late. Meanwhile in the future, Xavier unwillingly helps Master Mold track down every mutant on the planet…for execution. Only Wolverine can stop both Magneto and the Inner Circle, preventing the devastating future Xavier has foretold. Get ready for the ultimate battle in these three game-changing episodes. Who will succeed? The battle for the future has arrived.


With the future of all humans and mutants hanging in the balance, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Beast and their fellow X-Men attempt to restrain the duplicitous Emma Frost, save Jean Grey’s life and foil the mighty Inner Circle’s sinister plans. Also in this thrilling three-part finale of the animated series, Magneto launches a war against humanity; Professor Xavier battles Master Mold; and Emma attempts to destroy the impossibly powerful Phoenix.

The three-part “Foresight” saga involves the abduction of Jean Grey and a looming war situation beginning in the country of Genosha. In Part 1, the hot-tempered Logan is convinced that Emma Frost had a hand in Jean’s kidnapping. Part 2 spends time with the Hellfire Club as they take measures to harness the Phoenix Force that has contacted their captive. Part 3 moves forth with the hasty war Magneto and his giant robotic Sentinel soldiers wage on humanity. Wolverine, Cyclops, and Emma Frost attempt to deal with her reappearance but, as always personalities clash and ulterior motives lead to a final encounter with a mysterious organization hell bent on controlling the power of the Phoenix. All of this coalesces just as Magneto and Mystique follow through on their plan to start a war with mankind using weapons of their own design: the sentinels. Meanwhile, in the future, Professor X, Bishop, and a collection of mutants attempt to rectify the mistakes of the past and put an end to Mastermold’s reign once and for all.

Things pick up mere seconds after the last volume, Wolverine and The X-Men: Revelation, and don’t stop until the end credits. There’s barely a moment to breathe as we jump from one thing to the next, thankfully paced in such a way that we don’t notice just how much is actually happening. I enjoyed some of the cameos, including appearances by the Stepford Cuckoos, X-23, and one of two surprises in the final episode. You really get a sense of the enjoyment and work put into this series by the creative team.

The DVD comes with a commentary from Craig Kyle, Greg Johnson and Chris Yost for all three episodes. Outside of that, you don’t get any special features. The A/V Quality is strong enough for standard definition, but in the end I’m waiting for the Blu-Ray release of the complete first season. I understand the economics of splitting up the seasons of kids’ show, but Lionsgate has go to realize that the show has adult fans. Oh well, it’s a rental.


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