Johnny Fever is the man.

“WKRP” remains one of my favorite classic TV shows. It feels weird to call a show classic when it ended a few months after I was born. However, this final season grasped at straws to find a point. It reminded a lot of what came of NewsRadio when they started focusing on the monotony of radio work. While that’s great for industry folk, there’s not enough comedy/drama to keep an average focused. Luckily, there are no music changes on this release.

One thing I did notice was that this season was very Venus Flytrap heavy. Whether it’s the girlfriend giving him a bogus earring or learning his origin story. Les Nessman gets some focus towards the end, but it was apparent by the last four episodes that the show wasn’t coming back. It’s quite sad. The DVD comes with no special features.

RELEASE DATE: 11/10/2015

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