WISH I WAS HERE | Zach Braff Live Tumblr Q&A Tomorrow + New Clip!


Tumblr Q&A with Zach Braff
Tuesday, July 1st at 3:30PM EST
Make sure to catch Zach tomorrow for a Dashboard Confessions Q&A live on Tumblr. The fan mail Q&A series allows artists to take over users’ Dashboard by answering their questions and curating choice content. Tumblr users can submit their questions HERE and tune in for the live interview on the WISH I WAS HERE Tumblr. This is the first non-musician to take part in this Q&A platform. Past participants include John Mayer, Brendon Urie, Sky Ferreira, Joey Bada$$, mø, Loiter Squad, and more! The best highlights from the interview will also be re-blogged at music.tumblr.com. Zach Braff’s Garden State (which helped put The Shin’s on the map with the song ‘New Slang’) was declared one of the top movie soundtracks by Time.com and Paste Magazine, while Spin.com said it changed indie rock making it mainstream. The new soundtrack for WISH I WAS HERE also features a new song by The Shins titled ‘So Now What’.

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