“The Wife Killer” wanted to be “Strangers on a Train” for the 1970s. What we got was something that played like a dirtier 42nd Street take. If you have issues with rape and harsh violence towards women, this won’t be for you. Some have called it the Greek take on the Giallo. But, I feel that the Italians had far more class than to make something like this. Even Fulci.

Over the last month, I’ve been learning that I haven’t experience enough Greek horror/exploitation. What I’m learning is that while it apes Italian and American influences, the Greeks also like basing a lot of their setups in interpersonal relationships. In a drama that might involve talking, but these kinds of movies always hang it in sex. The Greeks aren’t the first to do it for these movies, but they just have no boundaries. Good for them.

The DVD comes with a documentary, interview, choice of language dubs and previews for other Mondo Macabro releases. The transfer is stunning for standard definition. Mondo Macabro went back and sourced it from the original negative. The Dolby Stereo track remains the same across both Greek and English language options. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase only to the serious Exploitation Cinema collectors out there.

Release Date: 8/18/15

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