White Line Fever: Airwolf It Ain’t [Review]

White Line Fever

White Line Fever is one of those perfect White Trash cinema milestones. Standing out against the typical early 70s fare, this was a movie about truckers rebelling against corporate interests. Sure, these interests meant hauling illegal goods and general malfeasance. After trying to unionize the other workers, this leads to jail and murder against the truckers who rebel.

Corman alumnus Jonathan Kaplan did his best with a Jan-Michael Vincent vehicle. Kaplan had wanted to make a Western for ages and he got close with this movie. That’s the main catch of the film. There are a ton of ideas going on, but none of them really lead anywhere. Oh well, it’s still a good 70s Drive-In film to watch.

White Line Fever is now available!

White Line Fever

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