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There was more Fowler business handled, leaving us virtually in the same place. The guy at the meet runs off and facial recognition comes up empty. How much does this matter? Well, the only significance is that Neal is still left in the dark, although Peter being photographed with Diana tips him off that they are up to something. Whether that cuts into their partnership is another story. Clearly, they’ve gone through a lot and there must be some mutual trust

Senator Jennings (David Alan Basche) has his men surveil Peter’s house and catch Peter and Diana (Marsha Thomason) during their meeting about Kate’s (Alexandria Dadderio) death.  Jennings reveals the photos to Neil who now knows Peter lied to him. It doesn’t fair well for the trust in their partnership.  Neil convinces Jennings that Diana isn’t a mistress; she is a prostitute, which soon leads us to our undercover adventure.Neil confronts Peter about the pictures, and reveals more of himself.  He tells Peter in a very passionate manner that he has never lied to him.  Peter is really taken aback at this revelation. Peter is shocked that Neil says he has never lied to him. Peter looks guilty…

The scenes frame the episode and introduce the new mystery man. He’s the guy who was supposed to show up for an appointment with Agent Fowler. Fowler, of course, can’t make it, but Peter and Diana are staking out the meeting site. They think the guy might know something about Kate’s murder, but they only catch a glimpse of him before he slips away. All they get out of the encounter if a Picasso-esque and unrecognizable composite of the man’s face from the area’s security cameras. Neal’s ankle bracelet has to come off for him to infiltrate the politician’s camp, and he makes no indication that he plans on going anywhere. The unnecessary artifice doesn’t seem to be in question anymore; the need to overuse the bracelet gimmick as a plot device remains a mystery.


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