“What’s Happening” gets a new release for its first two seasons. Honestly, SONY loves pimping this show and I believe this has to make the 6th time that Seasons 1 and 2 have hit home video in some form. But, I’m glad that SONY is willing to let other labels touch it. Dear God, the death of physical media mantra being spouted by a handful of studios is getting old. But, I’m going to hold back.

The show was loosely based on “Cooley High”, but our site demo information tells me that 50% of you have no idea what that is. Imagine an African American take on “American Graffiti”. I promise that it’s not as painful as it sounds. For those that are still reading, you get the Doobie Brothers episode in this release. Skunk looks out out of it.

The DVD comes with no special features. Plus, the A/V Quality is on par with the last few releases. Still, I want to see an HD release for this show. I’m weird like that, as I’m a completist Classic TV fan.

Release Date: 04/21/15

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