What to Watch on DVD [March 2021 Edition]

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March 2021 is about to close, so AndersonVision wants you to know what to watch on DVD. We realize that we do have a reader segment that skews older. So, forgive us for a moment while we cater to the standard definition crowd. They still count and a lot of smaller movies are only getting DVD releases currently.

Little England

What to Watch on DVD [March 2021 Edition] 2

Little England is a film about pre-War shipping concerns. If you wanted to see what it looks like when British shipping families mingle with Greek sailors, then this movie is for you. It’s the kind of costume drama that will irritate many people without seeing it. However, I hope that you can take up your viewing game to the next level. The effort undertaken with the film is pretty solid and well worth checking out.

There are no special features. But, it’s still what to watch on DVD this month.

The Interrogation

What to Watch on DVD [March 2021 Edition] 4

The Interrogation is a serious look at Rudolf Hoss. Based on Hoss’s autobiography, we get to see what followed his captured by British troops. As he confessed to what he did at Auschwitz and prepared to face trial at Nuremberg, we get to see what it takes to make true evil confess. It’s a heavy emotional experience, as we get to see an evil man wrestle with the fact that everyone saw him for the evil he was.

While The Interrogation is a What to Watch on DVD title, I feel like it warrants doing a deeper historical dive at a future data. The Corinth DVD doesn’t come with special features and the feature plays short. But, it will stay with you for a long while.

That Click: The Legendary Photography of Douglas Kirkland

What to Watch on DVD [March 2021 Edition] 6

That Click is about famous photographer Douglas Kirkland and the celeb shots he took over the years. He was famous for snapping shots of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and John Lennon. But, what about the others he impacted. Omnibus puts together this amazing documentary that’s part of our What to Watch on DVD releases this month.

Douglas Kirkland had stellar photography. But, I would have loved some special features. The DVD comes with nothing other than a lovely documentary.

All of these Corinth Films DVD releases will be available on DVD by Mach 23rd

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