West of Sunshine

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West of Sunshine is a film that proves degenerate gamblers can be found all over the world. The film is a family drama that wants to be a crime thriller. All the while, it’s only effective as a father and son tale about trying to break the mold. Their world is imperfect, but the love is real. Sometimes, love comes in the form of impromptu Blackjack lessons. The supporting cast mainly consists of low-grade mob heavies and supporting family trying to push our lead into a way that benefits them.

None of it matters, as the film feels like it never has a purpose. West of Sunshine isn’t a bad movie, it just never knows what it wants to be. Also, the car wash scene? What was that? If you watch it, you’ll get the complaint. I’m at a point now where so many visuals cues are coming so lazy that I want to throw junk at my own screen.

West of Sunshine opens theatrically in North America on January 25th.

West of Sunshine


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