Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch got a trailer!

French Dispatch poster trailer 2020

Yeah, I’ve been busy. But, we got a new Wes Anderson movie trailer for The French Dispatch. As much as I love Bill Murray, I also love reading how many Film Twitter drones can use the word twee. Oh, Mara Wilson doesn’t pay attention to Wes Anderson movies? Well, most of America thinks she fell into a black hole after Matilda.

That might be a bit mean, but I just don’t understand people that don’t enjoy Wes Anderson. Does he lean into the aesthetic too much? Sure! Did he take way too much credit for the direction of Fantastic Mr. Fox? I know an Animation union that would like to have a word with him.

What was I saying? Oh yeah! It’s time for the new Wes Anderson trailer.

The French Dispatch trailer from Wes Anderson


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