The Annual We Missed Posting on Thanksgiving Holiday Review Bonanza


The Devil’s Heist kicks off the annual We Missed Posted on Thanksgiving Holiday Review Bonanza. These are all movies reviewed during Thanksgiving week that now won’t get posted until early December. Why is that? Well, life comes at you hard and fast. And ultimately as in most cases…indie cinema suffers.

Such is the case with The Devil’s Heist. It’s a low rent crime heist film about some low class trash that steals from Lucifer’s bank. What is the Devil doing with a bank and what is the deal with his wife? There are so many trains moving around that it’s hard to focus on what matters at times.

The Devil’s Heist is available December 8th

The Annual We Missed Posting on Thanksgiving Holiday Review Bonanza 2

Beast Mode is full of actors that I know and love. I love the crazy plot as it feels like a later season Tales from the Crypt episode. After a Hollywood bad boy gets killed by his producer, the production throws a stand-in to the actor’s place. But, what happens when he gets magical make-up lotion applied?

He becomes a monster that attacks and murders everyone that is near him. The cast plays well with the material, but I’m not exactly sure if it’s feature length material. Still, I enjoyed myself.

Beast Mode is available December 1st

Sweet Parents

Sweet Parents is a film that took me a bit to process. Leah Rudnick and David Bly are trying to be mature about the nature of relationships and how things play out. But, between the multiple montages and time jumps…it kept making me think that they were trying to put one over on me. It’s not quite the Thanksgiving movie I expected.

The Annual We Missed Posting on Thanksgiving Holiday Review Bonanza 4

Sweet Parents is available now!

Cup of Cheer is an X-Mas rated comedy about the kind of things that I wouldn’t watch for free on cable. The entire time I watched it, I realized that people can parody the thing they want to joke on too close. So, how are you supposed to parse it out? Cup of Cheer ultimately becomes everything it wants to clown.

Watch the trailer before and get an idea of how to approach it. I had a discussion over Thanksgiving about just this sort of thing. So, I want to step back and let other people step in on these sorts of things.

Song Lang is a Vietnamese opera about crime and performers in 90s Vietnam. The duo plays off each other well, but it feels like Wong Kar Wai lite. This isn’t exactly Thanksgiving fare, but what is? I used this one to clear the room when people lingered too long during the absence of Thursday Night Football.

Cup of Cheer and Song Lang are available now!

HAM: A Musical Memoir

The Annual We Missed Posting on Thanksgiving Holiday Review Bonanza 6

HAM: A Musical Memoir is a Billy Porter directed one man show. While musical memoirs typical make me cringe, I recognized Sam Harris. That’s because I was forced to watch Star Search against my will during most of my childhood. Past that, this was the one I watched after Thanksgiving.

Two viewings anymore is a big deal, as I watch 800 movies a year now and I have no time management skills left. This is one of those movies that I wished I had something smarter to say about it. But, musical memoirs on Thanksgiving or not push the entertainment factor of the brain and not the analytical side.

I’m not a fan of Sam Harris, but I admire his story and what got him to this point. While I watched this film during Thanksgiving, the movie will be opening wider during December and January.

HAM: A Musical Memoir hits theaters December 3rd and On Demand January 7th, 2021

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