Watch “A True Guide to Scotch,” The New Web Series Demystifying Scotch

Watch "A True Guide to Scotch," The New Web Series Demystifying Scotch 3



Gabriel Cardarella has the coolest job as a Dewar’s ambassador: traveling the world tasting, learning and teaching others about whisky. Now, Gabriel wants to teach you about how to enjoy whisky to the fullest, and what better land to begin this 11-part series from Dewar’s than in Scotland. You don’t have to be wearing a kilt, sitting by a fire and sipping it with a dash of water in order to fully enjoy whisky. From understanding the importance of water usage, to glassware, age vs. maturity and cocktails; this series proves there’s no wrong way to enjoy Scotch whisky, so long as you savor the moment.

Dewar’s, the world’s most awarded blended Scotch whisky, wants to demystify Scotch, so they’ve created a new 11-part series, called “A True Guide to Scotch.” In the series, brand ambassador Gabriel Cardarella journeys to Scotland and instructs viewers on everything from the “right” way to drink whisky (hint: there isn’t one) to blends, casks, age vs. maturity and more. Watch a couple of the artfully shot short episodes, and see the recipe for a delicious-looking Scotch Whisky Sour from The Scotch Cocktail episode below:

Scotch Whisky Sour:


One and a half ounces Dewar’s 18

One and a half ounces fresh lemon juice

Half-ounce simple syrup

One half Egg white

Shake over ice and strain

Garnish with 3 fresh cherries


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