Stage 13, the fearless digital content brand that is part of Warner Bros. Digital Networks, today announced launch dates for its highly anticipated fall series “Independent,” “Lipstick Empire” and “I Love Bekka & Lucy.”

Stage 13 begins streaming for free on Thursday, October 19 through its YouTube, Facebook and Stage13.com channels.

“It’s time for us to pull back the curtains and share these three unique and diverse series with all fans,” said Diana Mogollón, SVP & General Manager of Stage 13. “We have had tremendous response from our early premieres at festivals like SXSW, UrbanWorld and SeriesFest and know that we have a young, impassioned audience with an insatiable appetite for relevant, multi-dimensional stories and characters. The time is now to super-serve them with our unique premium digital content.”

The first three series scheduled to launch under the Stage 13 banner include:

  • “Independent” – Premiering on October 19th – It’s about the hustle, the vision and the American hip hop dream. This unscripted series follows four of hip hop’s most exciting independent artists, Futuristic, Reverie, Sean Brown, and Trinidad James, as they work to take over the music scene without the ties of a major record label. Stage 13 follows these bold artists as they grow their fan base, tour internationally and deal with the harsh realities that come when chasing the dream. The series was in the digital shorts episodic competition at SeriesFest and screened at the UrbanWorld Film Festival on September 23. The series was produced by Adrian Guillemet and Joshua Evan Greenberg for We Are Famous Productions and Stage 13’s VP/Head of Unscripted Content Shari Scorca.

To view the trailer, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyZ1HkBMX3c

  • “Lipstick Empire”Premiering on October 24th – This female driven, unscripted series follows two of the beauty industry’s biggest brands – Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, co-founders and CEOs of Melt Cosmetics. As the owners and faces of Melt, the two fierce makeup moguls tell their story that began behind a makeup counter and has blossomed to be one of the biggest independent makeup brands, with over 3 million global fans. The fast-paced, fans-first business keeps the co-CEOS’ busy balancing friendship, life and the highly competitive beauty industry. “Lipstick Empire” is Executive Produced by Pam Healey, John Hesling, John Paparazzo, Amanda Scott and Lisa Shannon for Shed Media, and Stage 13’s VP/Head of Unscripted Content Shari Scorca.

To view the trailer, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5IKiChknnU

  • I Love Bekka & Lucy”Premiering on November 7th – The first digital series to be showcased in the episodic category at SXSW, takes an honest and comedic look into the friendship of two best friends who face the evolution of their relationship when one of them gets engaged. Rachael Holder created, wrote and directed the series. It stars Jessica Kennedy (“Black Sails”) as Bekka, Tanisha Long (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) as Lucy, Alexis Denisof (“How I Met Your Mother”) as Glen and Chris Smith (“Paranormal Activity 3”) as Harry. In addition to Holder, “I Love Bekka & Lucy” is produced by Haven Entertainment and Stage 13’s SVP/Head of Scripted Content Christopher Mack.

To view the trailer, click here: https://youtu.be/b61RTdjFgQM


Recently, Warner Brothers invited AndersonVision to peruse their Stage 13 digital service. While the promise of exclusive DC shows (TITANS!) is enough to make most nerds sign up, the launch shows on the service are pretty interesting. Today, we’ll over up a breakdown of what we’ve seen so far.


  • Independent – Pretty interesting look at how to get started in the Rap game. What is up with all of the music documentaries being so good in 2017?
  • Lipstick Jungle – Melt Cosmetics’ CEOs share how their business started and the tips of the trade to stay on top of it all.
  • I Love Bekka & Lucy – It’s a gal romance, but what happens when one of the ladies gets engaged? Fairly typical, but I can see the ladies enjoying it.
  • Cooking on High – It’s a reality cooking show involving weed. Honestly, this show is almost my favorite of the bunch. So much invention.
  • Two Sentence Horror Stories – My favorite series of the bunch. It plays across many cultures to tell focused short films that provide immense scares.


While I appreciate the tone of Two Sentence Horror Stories, Cooking on High is the one I see having the strongest legs going forward. Cooking on High only had a preview of what’s to come, which is why I didn’t peg it as my favorite. But, I’m leaning towards the horror and reality based stuff as being the strongest material coming out of Stage 13 now. The faster we can get to the DC stuff…the better.

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