You will believe a man can walk on a wire.

“The Walk” really wants you to have feel-good memories about the World Trade Center. Outside of Jeff Bridges chasing Kong up the Towers, I don’t really care. However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so charming that I took it upon myself to check out the film. What I saw was possibly Zemeckis’ best work in 25 years. That being said, it’s a fairly quick clip of a film that introduces characters that only serve as JGL motivation to an end. The story resolves fairly quickly and nothing ultimately matters. You’re watching the film for the 3D aided gasps of the main stunt that was seemingly covered better in “Man on Wire”. Still, it marks a fresh turn into family friendly entertainment that doesn’t alienate the intelligent. I just wish that it didn’t die a quick death at the box office.

RELEASE DATE: 10/9/2015 (wide)

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