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Visual Vengeance makes quite the splash in August 2022

Visual Vengeance launches August 2022 with the biggest one-two deep cut genre punch that I’ve ever seen. L.A. AIDS Jabber is getting a Blu-ray release before After Hours. I just want the world to dwell on that for a hot minute.

Suburban Sasquatch was a 2004 release that got a ton of Best of the Worst coverage

Visual Vengeance makes quite the splash in August 2022 1

Suburban Sasquatch has been featured in so many YouTube videos poking holes through it. But, these are typically the same people who don’t watch movies from before 2000. So, I’m glad they’re watching anything at this point.

The Blu-ray is coming with a new commentary, featurettes and cool new art.

L.A. AIDS Jabber is probably the big winner out of Visual Vengeance

Visual Vengeance makes quite the splash in August 2022 3

L.A. AIDS Jabber is going to look rough in HD, but that’s the way I want it. I never thought I was going to see this movie get a Blu-ray release, so I’m stoked to see it land.

Come watch a movie that feels like it was made by crazy people with access to more funds than the typical indie outlet. It’s shot on video goodness with no sense of taste throughout it.

You also get featurettes, a slipcover, interviews and a killer commentary.

These are the first two releases from Visual Vengeance

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