Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty 17

Hardcover books are a personal favorite in this digital reader age. Vintage Beauty impresses with the charm I expect from a Cult Epics release. A few weeks ago, I was sent a digital copy of this lush release. Some might wonder why it took me so long to create an assessment of nude shots of women from the 1900s to the 1960s. The honest answer is that I couldn’t quite get over the earlier models.

The weird beauty push following World War I feels weird, even look back via a historic filter. There seems like a push for girls looking like boys with bob haircuts was what gave our great-grandparents boners. Given the amount of people that died at Verdun and the general push for Jazz, it seems like people would have wanted to party more. But, the Macarena was popular when in High School. Sometimes, our era betrays us to the claptrap of what’s popular in an age.

Vintage Beauty is a history lesson with tits, but a history lesson nonetheless.

Vintage Beauty

Vintage Beauty is now available!

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